R E L I A B L E    M A C H I N E S
R E L I A B L E    S E R V I C E S
“ Breakdown kill me. You’ve got a crew out there that is costing you $6,000 per day, My boss doesn’t want to hear that we didn’t put any pipe into the ground. So, avoiding downtime is very important. We haven’t had any trouble with the Boleo machine. It’s almost two years old and I don’t think we’ve done anything to it – Might have had to put one or two tines in it.”
- Henry McKinney, Green Pound Landscape & Lawn Care Services.

Boleo has the right attachment for applications in fields as diverse as agriculture, industry, construction, commercial and residential.

Depending on the types of loads handled We offers:


  A wide range of hydraulic components for skid steers
  A wide range of cutting tines for mulching and clearing
  Solutions such as jibswinches, and clamps for handling loads.

Being simultaneously a manufacturer of machines and accessories, Boleo has the technical knowledge and practical experience to control and ensure the perfect efficiency of each machine and accessory couple.

By choosing a Boleo certified attachment and respecting the compatibilities described, you can be sure that you will get the best out of your machine.

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