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“As a previous customer of Boleo machines, we were well-acquainted with the models and services provided by Boleo. Although we researched other machines available on the market, we ultimately returned to Boleo due to our existing relationship and the exceptional features of the SV25H model. Every Boleo unit we've acquired has consistently demonstrated quick, efficient, user-friendly, as well as safe and reliable performance.
Moreover, Boleo's vast array of attachment options provides a comprehensive solution for our landscape tasks. They enable our machine to function as a loader, trencher, auger, digger, and much more, all within a single unit.
In summary, the SV25H has notably improved our productivity due to its size, maneuverability, and weight. Thanks again for everything.”

Landscape Construction - Jackson H.
Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.


“We can’t imagine ever going back to the way we did things before! The Boleo SV25 H mini skid steer is so easy to use that our new apprentice was on it in his first week on the job. I particularly like the Kubota diesel engines, and the machine's tip capacity of 3,180 lbs, which effortlessly tackles any task (in other words, that is the Maximum capability for machine to lift and carry items at low carry it demonstrates the strength of the machine). We can do things so much faster than before; we don’t need to worry about being stuck with excess or heavy materials because we know we can easily move them, and we are no longer having to worry about whether the hire company has the machine we need available on the days we need it!”

Landscape Construction - Edward C.
Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.


“The Boleo SV50L Telescoping model with extending arms provided the full package. It offered great maneuverability in and around tight spaces while being able to lift large weights. Especially, The extendable boom with 120 inches saved us time when cross truck loading and unloading. The Boleo SV50L achieves greater power while using less fuel. The size of the machine to the weight it can lift is very impressive, It has a 50-hp Yanmar diesel engine and twin pilot joysticks. This machine has extending arms to reach a regular dump truck with no problem, Perfect for a landscaping or tree service business.”

Wholesale Plant Nursery - Michael B.
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.


“The SV25H NARROW track model provides a compact design with a width of only 34.6 inches. Equipped with a reliable 25hp Kubota diesel engine, I also purchased a 42-inch Trencher and two Augers (one with an 8-inch bit and the other with a 12-inch bit) from Boleo. I appreciate the convenience of the hydraulic hookups which make connecting and disconnecting the attachments a breeze. Since most of our work takes place in tight spaces, this machine can easily access areas that larger machines cannot. We frequently work in residential backyards, and the machine's small size is greatly appreciated.”

Fence Builders - Joseph W.
Calgary, Canada


I have purchased quite a bit of equipment over the last few years to upkeep our acreage. I had a very specific need for a skid steer Forest Mulcher, so I took my time to evaluate many different brands and models. After careful consideration on work needs, price and quality, and lengthy discussions with product specialists, I decide to go with BOLEO. Not only did their Mulchers turn out to be very well built and easy to use, their staff helped thoroughly answer all of my questions. I felt I was getting the perfect fit for my new CAT 299D compact track loader and what I needed to accomplish on my property. The product arrived quickly and the sales and tech people at Boleo helped with multiple questions after the sale. Thanks for a good product and reliable, old-fashioned customer service!

Joshua K.
Richmond, Virginia, U.S.





Hi Boleo team, the Industrial Brush Cutter (model BBC72) has worked out really well for us. I’ve used it real, real hard several times and each time at the end of the day upon checking it over it is still perfect. The deck is not just bullet proof, its boulder proof. I’ve split unseen rocks and sent pieces flying that would make me think I had to have dented the deck, but there’s not a deflection to be seen in it. I’m very pleased with the entire unit. Thanks for making a great product. As I said when I called and talked to your team, I had a good feeling about your products and that has certainly

born out to be true. Have a great holiday weekend!

Alan S.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.





This weekend was the first time I was able to use the Boleo Auger that I purchased from you. WOW!! This thing is amazing. I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I call it the” DESTROYER”. Everyone around here that has seen it in action is in awe. Being in the manufacturing business myself I know how important it is to put out a quality product. Boleo has done an excellent job designing and manufacturing this piece of equipment. It does everything it claims it can do and then some. Thanks for your help and I will definitely refer business your way at every opportunity!

Karl H.
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.





All attachments work like a charm (minus the snow blower only because I haven’t used it yet) so far and from the looks of the quality, I'm sure I’ll be very happy for some time to come. Thank you to Kevin and everyone else who built these implements! I contacted a handful of companies well before I bought my track loader. Kevin was not pushy or aggressive through the months it took for me to purchase my machine, and he answered all my questions on what I would need depending on what machine I ended up buying. For that reason (and the high quality) is why I chose BOLEO…AND I'm a Vikings fan, just kidding, but Go Vikes! Thanks BOLEO.

Peter M.
Newark, New Jersey, U.S.





Awesome! The puller makes my skid steer a monster clearing my land. I pulled trees out of the ground over the weekend that were easily 8” in diameter. Reach up, shove forward and pull backward a few times and lift out. This saves the unwanted stump to work around. When I use the puller in conjunction with my grapple from Boleo the combination gives a one two punch on the brush and small trees I am trying to eliminate in some of my fields. The puller is a very valuable tool and built to last, thanks again Boleo!

Bill D.
Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.





Just a note to let you know that I did finally get to try my trencher model BTR36! The machine is awesome! I was a little concerned about the low flow output on my Bobcat T190 (16 gpm), but no worries. The Trencher operates smoothly and it really eats! Thanks for your help getting me set up. Looking forward to cooler days ahead and some real brush cutting. Have a great rest of the summer.

Craig G.
Arlington, Texas, U.S.






Everything was fantastic with my ordering process and the shipping was painless. You were extremely helpful in assisting with my decision. I am extremely pleased with my cutter and dozer attachments. I feel like I was fixing to purchase the wrong machine, so I really appreciate all of your product knowledge and your ability to know what questions to ask and when to ask them to ensure the proper attachment is being considered.

The Brush Cutter is amazing! My place looks like a million bucks and with the open face cutter, weeks worth of work was completed in a single day! The dozer attachment has also been a blessing! I haven’t been able to utilize all of its functions as of yet due to my Kubota not have the 12 pin plug just yet, but the available operations have been extremely easy to use and very smooth in its operation!

Once again Kevin I cannot thank you enough for all of your help! I wish I had a few salesmen on my staff here at my Chevrolet store with your drive and product knowledge! I will most definitely be a future customer of yours!

Charles P.
Vancouver, Canada





I am the individual in Montréal who recently purchased a Mulching head(mulcher) attachment BFM72 from you. I wanted to convey to you my following thoughts: (1) the attachment arrived on time at the designated shipper; (2) the attachment was beautifully wrapped/protected to assure it arrived undamaged/in good condition; (3) the attachment is of heavy-steel construction as represented and is a formidable tool; (4) the Mulcher functions/works beautifully, it cuts like a beast! In short, I am a happy and satisfied customer with this Boleo product. Further, you were wonderful to work with, very patient with your explanations and my proposed payment plan. My next purchase from you will be your Wood Chipper. Thanks again for everything, you guys are outstanding.

René J.
Montréal, Canada





The delivery was great ... well done ! The model BGB84 Grapple was more than I expected, heavy duty plus! This thing holds on to 3 foot round trees no problem and maybe bigger, but I don't have bigger. The Grapple you supplied is so heavy duty you can back drag a drive-way with it and 10 times better than a box blade...All this and cheaper than the other guys! You are my #1 go-to-guys for any of my next purchases. Thanks again, great job and thanks for the follow up! That goes a long way with me to know you care about your customers after the sale.

Michael G.
Edmonton, Canada



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